He didn’t tolerate excuses
When he dragged me outta bed
Farm work meant we got breakfast
After ev’ry cow was fed
He knew each animal’s markings
No two faces quite the same
He studied every cow movement
As we fed ‘em in the rain…

He was a cow man, cow man
Following his cow plans
Come the spring
We’d work them- one by one
Vaccinate and clip ‘em, clip ’em
Fatten ‘em up and ship ‘em , ship ‘em
When it came to cows… he got it done…

He’d fidget through blockbuster movies
Rarely cared to go downtown
But if a springing cow went missing
He wouldn’t sleep til she was found.
Now he’s moved to greener pastures
Found another millet field to mow
This home place sure is full of memories
But no more cattle come and go…


Well the Master’s got a new hand
Managing His spread
There’s no higher callin’
Than to keep God’s creatures fed..

We all love the cow man, cow man
But we give him up to God’s hands
He’s on high and
He’s working for the One
Vaccinate and clip ‘em, clip ‘em
Fatten ‘em up and ship ‘em, ship ‘em
There’s a master plan and the cow man Gets it done