His face is unwashed
Home life isn't kind
He’s in the second grade
And yet he's miles behind

Who would ever guess
He's burnin' up inside
We don’t inquire but
The kid's on fire

She's got bruises
Tearstains on her blouse
Dad told the teacher
She keeps trippin’ around the house

She may be clumsy
But something isn’t right
Please inquire ‘cause
The kid's on fire


If we don't listen
We' don’t ever hear
Wanna put some fires out
You gotta lend an ear.

Guitar Solo

Ev'ry child's a treasure
Some grow up too fast
Some spend a lifetime
Runnin’ from the past.

They need a listener
Someone to make a difference
There’s a choir
Of kids on fire
Hear the choir … of kids on fire.....