I was frozen in the dark
Desperate for a spark
Wonderin’ where the hell I left my heart.
Life had stopped me in my tracks
My rainbow colors faded black
Happiness was just an act
But you demolished all my blues
Showed me happy could come true
You electrified my nights
Flipped the switch
And turned back on my lights…


Live wire
House a’ fire
I’m amazed how you
Use your powers to
Make this life brand new
For me
And you
Bring out the best in me
With your endless energy…
Pure energy…

You still shock me
Stone and rock me
Your light guides
But never blocks me.
You’re sometimes wild, Sometimes tame
But never one to pass the blame
And no one ever calls your name in vain.
You’re quiet proud
You glow out loud
But you’re not showy
When you’re glowin’
Your brand of magic
Isn’t static, it’s epic
Cause you’re magnetic…

(Chorus) (Repeat)