Love did a number on me
Locked up my foolish pride
And threw away the key
Battered my bad habits
Bruised my vanity
Your love did a number on me.

Love made a giver out of me.
All the things I thought I owned
Were just on loan, you see.
I reclaimed my precious time
And gave it way for free
When love did a number on me.

I’m a piece of work in progress
I’m a verse in search of rhyme
I sail my vessel on a stormy sea
But always in the distance
I see your love light shine
Leadin’ me to where I wanna be.

(musical interlude)

Love made the two of us into one.
Made me want to hold you
Like sunshine hugs the sun.
You’ll be be guidin’ light
‘Til all my days are done
It’s simple as one, two, three
Cause love did a number
Winter turned to summer
When love did a number on me.