Make time in Florida with me.
Lock up your city place
Throw away the key
Leave all your cares behind,
Find some sanity,
Make time in Florida with me.

Come share the sunshine with me.
All the store-bought things you own,
Are just on loan, you see.
We’ll live the simple life
The sunsets here are free…
Make time in Florida with me.

White sand beaches stretch for miles
The palm trees don’t turn brown
I see flowers bloomin’ all year ‘round
We’ll put first things first this time
Forget about what’s past
We won’t just spend time here… we’ll make… it… last…

(Musical Interlude)

Make time in Florida this year
Why don’t ya….bring your old cane pole
And we’ll fish off the pier.
It won’t be very long
‘Til trout are bitin’ here.
I’m bettin’ you won’t disagree.
Come for the good times
Come for the sunshine,
Make time in Florida with me……