My Daddy was a deacon
Sworn to serve the blessed few
Every single…Sunday mornin’
I’d be squirmin’ in a pew.
I was raised to fear the devil
Prayed I wouldn’t burn in hell
In your arms, I found a piece a’ heaven
One our preacher couldn’t sell…’cause

You’re my communion
You’re my answered prayer
You’re a cup of comfort
When my cupboard’s nearly bare.
I got religion…
Call off the search…
You’re my kinda church…ooooo
You’re my kinda church

I like kissin’ you at daybreak
In your eyes I see what’s true
And I thank God…each and every Sunday
For the gift of lovin’ you…


I’ve worshiped at your temple
Knocked on heaven’s door
Learned to speak in tongues with you
Who could ask for more

(Chorus with repeat)