Jenny Blue…she rarely played
While others loafed, she made straight A’s
At twenty, she had never once been kissed…
Her parents told her that with her mind
She’d rule the world at twenty-nine
But they wondered ‘bout the fun she mighta missed…


The sun comes up
The sun goes down
We pray this world keeps spinning around…
Don’t ever take a single day
For granted
Live life now, insteada later
You can’t buy time…

When Jimmie Beam was on his game
The finance world all knew his name
A couple drinks at lunch took the edge away…
His closest friends could never tell
The gin postponed his private hell
He’d sober up, some less stressful day…



Now the risks grow ever higher
Climate change means stakes are dire
If we don’t act to change our fate
We won’t live to procrastinate…


Change things now, there is no later
Your time is up…