Well I’ve never traveled further than the Mississippi border
Growing up and workin’ this farm.
My old man, he preached the Bible and he didn’t spare the rod
A little woopin’ never did no harm.
I might drive a little crazy on the Morris Chapel Road,
Maybe run the only light in town.
But I always hold the door for the seniors and the ladies
Ev’ry Friday at the Starlight Lounge.

Ooo, mercy me
Country life’s so nice
Ooo, Tennessee:
Redneck paradise.

Well I’ve raised my son and daughter… just like my daddy did it
‘Cause I think he did a pretty good job.
And my Momma was the glue… that kept us all together
We all knew that she could talk with God.
Now letting off steam and runnin’ ‘gainst the wind
It’s just a part a’ growing up
But let my Momma catch you and you’re gonna get religion
Better thank the Lord and then shut up.


I could tell you I don’t struggle or ever get in trouble
But lyin’s not my safest stunt.
If I said that I was quittin’ all my honky-tonkin’ drinkin’
Any fool could see that dog don’t hunt.
But if Family, God and Country, Waylon and the Opry,
Ain’t one, two, three, four, five on your list
Then you better not be headin’ for my little piece of heaven
‘Cause kickin’ butt’s my number six.