Your mountain creek is flowin’ beneath a rusty bridge
Mockingbird’s a’whistlin’ cross a smoky ridge
I’ve waded in your waters, forded all your streams
And now I feel your sunshine warmin’ up my dreams.


Tennessee, wild and free.
You’re my life blood

I left you in the springtime of my 18th year
Wavin’ diesel truckers down, this traveler knew no fear
Covered ground at lightnin’ speed from Maine to Clingman’s dome
Searchin’ for that feelin’ that country folks call home.


Many years have come and gone since Tennessee was mine
The years have aged my memories like barrels of fine wine.

But this year will be different; once lost, now I’m found
This country boy’s reclaimed his place upon the higher ground
And though I may be older, I’m wiser and I’m free
I’m raising up my brood of kids in the hills of Tennessee