Something doesn’t feel right ‘bout a wall
Cold concrete and steel divides us all
Walls limit where my world begins
Separate what’s out and in
They’re a nightmare to defend
Stiff monuments to bloody ends
Given time they’re gonna fall
And I will never love a wall.

It makes no sense to hug a fence
Even in the national defense
Sometimes people get confused
Thinking bad guys won’t break through
But no matter what you do
Bad guys find a way to you
Fat or skinny- short or tall
They find a way around your wall….

Mother Nature tears down walls
Given time, she terminates them all
She smiles at boundries made by man
Grinding mountains into sand
Following Her Master Plan……
Build ‘em great or build ‘em small
Mother Nature, she crushes walls.

The simple truth is we can’t fall
For lies that limit freedom for us all
We won’t let bullies fence us in
Dictate where the world begins
Separate us from our friends
Cut us off from next of kin
We’ll speak up and we’ll stand tall
And we will never love a wall…
Fences fall but we stand tall
And we will never love a wall…
We will never love a wall
Fences fall but we stand tall…
Mother nature tears down walls