It started out so perfect
Your Facebook smile was workin’
And all those gorgeous curves-
Snapchat don’t lie…
We hooked up on Tinder
Love took us on a bender
You and me…no limits
Just the sky…


Then you blew us up on Twitter
Threw love out like litter
Said that you weren’t bitter
‘Cause we had a lot of fun…
‘Til you realized that I was not the one…
So you blew us up on Twitter…

You kept me at social distance
Like a quarantine love victim
You were text addicted
And I was lonely
I felt like a prisoner
But I didn’t make a whimper
We held sick love together
On the phone…


Sticks and stones don’t break my bones
But sad emojis crush me
You piled on the messages
When I needed you to touch me



You threw love out like litter
Who cares that you’re not bitter
Not me
Cause you blew us up on Twitter…