I was just a high school kid
When I found my place.
Standing tall in Sunday church, I sang “Amazing Grace.”
My heart beat kept the rhythm
As I belted out those lines,
And I felt fine… that song was mine.
Then came a string of talent shows
And nameless county fairs.
Practice made a pro of me,
But the money wasn’t there.
I had to get a day job,
But the road taught me one thing:
I know I’m alive… when I sing…


…’Cause when I sing…
All my troubles fly away
When I sing…
Darkest night seems bright as day.
I can turn a shower stall
Right into Carnegie Hall
When I sing…

Well now the waitin’s over,
It’s time to take the stage.
I’m gonna be a shinin’ star,
I’m gonna come of age.
I’m just one special song away
From havin’ everything…
‘Cause I can do it all… when I sing…

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge) Long as I got dreams in me
Then I don’t get the blues.
When I sing for you, I just can’t lose…
I can’t lose…

(Chorus) When I sing!!
I believe…When I sing!!!