The Birth of Possum Trot Poet

Dear all:

This week I’m rolling out my alter ego, Possum Trot Poet to serve as the artist of note for my music synchronization business. For those of you who are not familiar with “synch,” it is the side of the music business that licenses songs for commercial, film and TV use. In the music market of 2021, it is a very important way in which previously unrecognized music can reach the light of day and find lots of human ears. One of my partners in this endeavor will be Audiosocket ( The reason for an alternative artist name and logo for synch songs is that, since many of the songs are for the commercial market, they may not always represent what the writer is actually about artistically. Therefore, many artists create synch music under a pseudonym. So I will continue to be R. Mack Harrell on songs written for the Pop and Country markets, reserving Possum Trot Poet for synchronization deals.

In the future, I will keep you posted in regard to my synch adventures with updates under my new Possum Trot Poet logo. Possum Trot, Tennessee is a very real place and happens to be where my Mom, Usie Pate Harrell, was born and raised (see pictures below) with road sign). My sister, Anita Harrell Scott, still lives on our farm there with her husband Jerry Scott, where she boards horses. To get a feel for the mood of the place, check out my song, Possum Trot Road (link below) and visit Possum Trot Neighbors on Facebook. I have also added some links below to a few songs which are representative of my synchronization library.

Best, Mack

song links

1. Possum Trot Road - Positive Up Tempo Country
2. Daybreak- Dark Emo
3. What Child Is This? - Modern Christmas
4. We 3 KingZ - Contemporary Pop Christmas
5. The Gift - Contemporary Pop Christmas
6. Deck the Hall - Medley- Cont. Pop Christmas
7. Walk These Woods - Positive Pop Ballad
8. On Fire - Uptempo Positive Pop
9. Forget My Name- Dark Pop
10. Listen - Pop Balad
11. The Cliffs of Moher - Instrumental Pop
12. Freedom - Patriotic Ballad
13. Fight the Flames - Pop Ballad
14. Possum Trot - Country Ballad
15. Casual - Pop
15. Casual Backing Track
16. Casual Vocoder
16. Black Hole - Cinematic Pop
17. Cold Turkey - Blues
18. Christmas In Cancun - Pop
19. Didn't See it Coming - Pop
20. Sky High - Pop/EDM
21. American Outlaw - Pop/Country
22. Jamaican Outlaw - Pop/Reggae
23. Limbo - Dark Pop